Puppies - Oh So Cute!

Everyone loves a puppy - and we're no exception!

Here are some pics of pups we have had the pleasure to have as a part of our lives!

Lady and babies
Eilish as a baby
Dekadance Tropic Tide
AKA Neptune
Inca and Kia

Kia having a rest with Inca
Dekadance Days of Rust

Pedro was from our first litter


Baby Neptune

Neptune living up to his name
Dekadance Ruby Tuesday
4 weeks old
Scrappy and Eilish
Kia and Eilish playing
Little Teddy Bear
Scrappy - 12 weeks old
Big Teddy Bear
Eilish filling in for Lady

Gather round kids
Watch out Eilish - I'll bite you!!
Chloe, Lady and Bubs

Baily 5 weeks old
shine and bubs

little Lena



Prue AKA Dekadance Call It Magic

Baby Piper


Rachel Mara

Darwin NT

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